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Nft Collection + Community Driven Novel

Legends of the FirstBorne is a community driven novel where NFT holders contribute ideas and vote on the direction the story takes.

The novel is funded by a collection of 11,111 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Written with Community

All NFT collectors hold a seat at The Round Table, where they can contribute ideas to our team of story writers at any time.

All ideas will be considered and if any are written into the story, the contributors will receive a mention in the novel credits.

Pivotal moments in the story will be voted on by members of The Round Table, so they can pick the path they want the story to lead.

This truly is a community driven project, and will set the benchmark for all other NFT projects in the future.

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Unlock the Portal

The FirstBorne is the first egg, the amagi, the portal. The key to unlock our universe – The Land of Borne.

The one who holds the FirstBorne NFT will be known as The Keeper of the FirstBorne.

Nft Reveal

The NFTs in our collection will reveal as the novel is written. As the story evolves with the help of our community, new NFTs will be unravelled.

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Golden Eggs


Wisdom Eggs

When will the NFTs be revealed?

NFTs are revealed as the novel is written. Each time we release a new chapter, a new portion of the NFT collection will be revealed.

How many NFTs in the collection?

The collection has 11,111 NFTs.

Which Blockchain will the NFTs be released?

Ethereum blockchain.

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